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Recommended By:

George Murphy has endorsed your work as Senior fx TD Image Movers Digital at ImageMovers Digital.

"In a business where budgets and schedules often hack away at creative integrity, Dave Rand remains committed to delivering results that strive to remain true to the vision of a project. His strong creative eye is backed by solid technical chops, a sense of adventure and a willingness to push beyond "good enough" to try to make imagery that is the best it can be. In our collaborations at ImageMovers Digital, I always felt like Dave had my back, especially when things started to get down to the wire. If Dave signs on to your project you can count on him to bring his 'A' game every time, and I look forward to the chance to work with him again."

George Murphy - Visual fx supervisor on A Christmas Carol, Eragon, King Kong, Constantine, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded

FX Lead at Centropolis FX

"I worked with Dave on Eight Legged Freaks at Centropolis and very simply - DAVE ROCKS! He has the perfect mix of aesthetic and technical talent and is awesome to work with - very collaborative and very, very good at visual fx! keg" November 21, 2007

Karen Goulekas , Visual Effects Supervisor , Godzilla, Eight Legged Freaks, Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 BC, managed Dave indirectly at Centropolis FX

CG Supervisor at EFX

"Dave goes well above and beyond what is asked of him in every aspect of his work. He solves problems and is an asset to any project." January 23, 2009

Mark Franco , Visual FX Producer , Electric Entertainment managed Dave at EFX

"Best boss I ever had. He's what I strive to achieve in the world of visual fx." January 23, 2009

Forrest Arnold , Senior 3D Modeler , Electric Effects reported to Dave at EFX

"Dave is a very hard worker who can and will work as long as it takes to get something done. Dave has very high attention to detail and likes to get effects looking great. Dave has a very broad background that allows him to see the big picture in ways that others would miss. I've enjoyed working with him and hope to do so again." January 23, 2009

Joel Merritt , Technical Supervisor , EFX reported to Dave at EFX

"Dave is exceptionally smart and talented, communicates well with co-workers & clients, and is a pleasure to work with. He'd be a welcome addition to any FX team." January 23, 2009

Carey Gosa , VFX Production Manager , Electric Entertainment managed Dave at EFX

"most awsome, respectful, knowledgeable, helpful supervisor i've worked!" January 23,

Cornelia Magas , compositor , EFX reported to Dave at EFX

"Dave was a great supervisor, he allowed the freedom of creating some really great things while maintaining a fun, stress-free environment." January 23, 2009

Ozzie Carmona , Compositor , Electric Effects

reported to Dave at EFX

"Dave has been a wonderful supervisor, and I feel very lucky to have met him. He gives great guidance and feedback, and leads by example admirably. Two thumbs up!" June 8,

Dawn Meredith , 3D Artist , Electric Entertainment reported to Dave at Electric FX

FX Lead at Meteor Studios (CAN)

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave. He has an amazing work ethic and will always sacrifice whatever it takes to make the final product look fantastic. The FX work he and his team did for the Journey project was great. I would not hesitate to work with Dave again." January 23, 2009

Aaron Gilman , Animation Supervisor , Meteor Studios-Canada worked with Dave at Meteor Studios (CAN)

"David is the best supervisor I have ever worked under. He is passionate about both the job and the people, he is generous, he is talented, and under pressure he is like a good fart -- he releases the tension with a minimum amount of stink!" March 30, 2008

Paul Van Camp , Sr. FX Animator , Electric Entertainment reported to Dave at Electric FX

"Dave is on of the great great effects supervisors I have had the pleasure to work with. He has great ideas about how to get things done. He has the experience to know how to make anything work. He's one of the most productive effects artists I have ever seen." November 19, 2007

Sam Edwards , Compositing Supervisor , Meteor Studios worked directly with Dave at Meteor Studios

"Dave is a joy to work with, and is an amazing fx artist. I hope we'll do it again very soon." November 17, 2007

Josh Sherrett , Lead 3D generalist , Meteor Studios (CAN) worked directly with Dave at Meteor Studios (CAN)

"Dave is a great guy to work with. He has a great sense of humour, follows direction well, and can do things with particles that I've never even imagined. I've worked with him on many shows, and I would gladly work with him again." November 13, 2007

Cristin Pescosolido , VFX Supervisor / Compositor , Meteor Studios managed Dave indirectly at Meteor Studios (CAN)

CG Supervisor at Electric Effects

"The best recommendation I can give for Dave is that he will not go to sleep until the shot is not only done, but done correctly. Oh, and he also laughs at my jokes which shows that he is also very kind." December 3, 2007

Peter Winther , Director , The Librarian - TNT Movie managed Dave at Electric Effects

"An exceptional artist with true leadership capabilities, Dave is certainly one of the most honest, and personable supervisors in the industry. Both technically and artistically gifted, he is a real pleasure to work with and for. He works with the artist in the trenches when appropriate, never afraid to get his hands directly on the shots. His unmatched personability, and sound technical skills have proven invaluable when faced with the all too common short deadline situations inherent to the industry. Many artists line up to work with him, and for good reason." April 16, 2007

Jason Yanofsky , Lead Artist/Technical Director , Electric Effects reported to Dave at Electric Effects

CG Supervisor at damnfx

"I have worked with Dave on a few occasions, and have gone as far as to recommend him any time there is a need for top-drawer FX and a steady hand in the fx department. dave has consistently showed, through attitude, output and his ability to nail the artistic side, that he is one of the few people you could count on to build a team around. worth every penny." January 23, 2009

Mark Dubeau , Creative director/production designer , damnfx managed Dave indirectly at damnfx

"I have the highest respect for Dave's production experience, relevancy, calm and leadership skills. He's always eager to share his knowledge and know-how, and is a very good team-player. Experience and technical skills, together with a strong artistic sense, define him as a remarkable vfx artist, an asset of very high value to any fx production. As a supervisor, he has shown great communication skills, and he reliably achieves his mandates. I warmly recommend Dave for any fx/supervision position in our industry." January 23, 2009

Laurent Taillefer , Lead TD / rnd , DamnFx reported to Dave at damnfx