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Dave Rand
TEL: 603 501 9271
805 N Sepulveda
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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-Rythm & Hues Los Angeles Sept 2011- Present

Senior FX Artist on Life of Pi and Seventh Son. Houdini volume, fluid, and particle effects. Life of Pi: Creating cg sky, water integration effects, driving rain, mist, and various water interaction, and water elements. Seventh Son: Using Houdini designed organic "Witch Travel" characters and organic elements for the "Possession" sequences.

-Digital Domain Vancouver Dec 2010 - June 2011

Lead FX Artist on Transformers 3 3D. Managed a team of the world's top Houdini Artists for this blockbuster film while doing an equal share of the shot work, creating advanced fluid dynamic effects, explosions, destruction, fire, particle, and cloth simulations using Houdini, and MayaFluids to Renderman.

-Image Movers Digital Feb 2009 – Nov 2010

Staff member and Senior FX artist on A Christmas Carol. Both design and shot work on the ghost of Christmas past's head of fire. Design and destruction of Bob Crachet's house and snow twister using Houdini, Maya Fluid dynamics, and Realflow. I also completed various liquid fx using Realflow and Houdini. On Mars Needs Moms created fire, molten metal splashing, plasma, liquid, and smoke fx.

-Electric Entertainment Nov. 2007 – Present

CG supervisor for Dean Devlin’s company, Electric Entertainment. I managed 12 digital effects artists for Mr Devlin’s Productions. Electric Entertainment is unique as it contains the director, producers, support staff, cg department, writers, editorial, sound, and screening/mixing room all under one roof. Projects “The Librarian” and “Leverage” for TNT network.

-Meteor Studios Montreal Nov. 2006 – Nov. 2007

FX lead for Journey to the Center of the Earth aka Journey 3D. Leading a team of nine effects artist on a stereoscopic show and completed fx shot work myself for the most expensive shots in the movie, with extensive use of RealFlow for giant waterfalls and character’s splash down. Created Maya Fluid atmospheres, rigid body dynamics, and other liquid effects, dinosaur drool, dust, heat, and lava. Also leading various tests and bidding for future shows.

-Electric Effects Nov. 2005 - Nov. 2006

Brought together and supervised the crew from Librarian to return and create effects for Dean Devlin's Electric Entertainment projects. Using RealFlow to simulate horses jumping into a river, flocks of rats, exploding lava effects, worked with Next Limit to integrate RealFlow into Maya in unique ways. Maya fluid, Maya dynamics, Paint effects.

We created 175 effects shots in 5 months with 12 people for Librarian 2. Also completed several ground explosion shots and rolling fog for the film Fly Boys.

Films: Triangle, Fly Boys, Librarian 2, Across the Universe

-Meteor Studios Montreal July 2005 – October 2005

Effects Lead using RealFlow to simulate various liquid and flocking effects. Finding unique ways to integrate RealFlow with Maya dynamics. Emitting Maya fluid from RealFlow meshes. Creating Lava hitting the ocean. Creating flocks of creatures riding on liquid. Films: Slither, 10.5 Armageddon

-Meteor Studios Los Angeles Jan. 2005 - June 2005

Effects Supervisor leading a team of three effects artist. Maya fluid, particle dynamics, and rigid body dynamics.

Films: Fantastic Four

-Electric Effects June 2004 - November 2004

Created an in house facility at Universal Studios for the TNT show "The Librarian: Quest for The Spear" Hired and supervised sixteen artist and completed all 150 effects shots in four months for Dean Devlin’s production company Electric Entertainment. Librarian went on to become the top rated cable show of the year.

-Hammerhead Productions July 2003 -June 2004

Effects Supervisor leading a team of five effects animators producing effects in Maya and Hammerhead's in house software. Extensive use of Maya fluid dynamics, and other dynamic solutions.

Films: Chronicles of Riddick

-Sony Imageworks Jan. 2003 - July 2003

Effects Animator. Tools used: Maya Fluid and Dynamics, Houdini. Focus on fluid dynamic atmosphere, lightning, rigid body dynamics, light effects, and fluid dynamic explosions.

Films: Matrix Reloaded.

-Centropolis Staff 1998 - 2002

Staff member. Effects Animator, Color and Lighting, Character Animation, Modeling and Compositing. Worked in each department depending on need, with focus on Effects animation. Tools used: Maya, Mtor/Renderman, Jig, Shake, Lightwave. Texture painting with Studiopaint, Photoshop, Painter.

Films: Matrix Reloaded, Scorpion King, Eight Legged Freaks, The Patriot, End of MonkeyBone, What Women Want, Kapax, Scary Movie.

-Rainmaker Digital Pictures Staff 1996 - 1998

Staff member. Same skills as mentioned above, focusing on effects animation. Films: Flubber, Batman and Robin, Titanic, Mr Magoo, A Simple Plan, Storm of the Century, MaxQ, Magic Box (3D IMAX).

daveRand Productions 1999-2013

Working with Buzz Aldrin to adapt his best selling science fiction novel "Encounter with Tiber" to film. I worked with Dr Aldrin and Rupert Hitzig to form "Team Tiber" password "tiberian" with some of Hollywood's top talent in writing, visual effects, and production.

Working also on my own Novel, "The Boom House" a science fiction fantasy based in Maine password is "boom" A story of redemption of the soul.

Extensive photography, clients have included Louis Gossett Jr, The City of Manhattan Beach, The City of Corte Madera, The City of Wiliams Lake BC, The Catholic church of British Columbia, and various publications.

Illustration and concept art.

Skill Set:

Houdini, Maya, RealFlow, and various supporting software.


CG Society: CGWorkshops: 8 weeks course on intermediate Houdini skills 2012
Varioius Houdini online tutuorials 2009-2013
Side Effects: Houdini Training 2000
Gnomon: Renderman training 2000
Silicon Studios: Maya Character Setup and Animation 1999
Honors Graduate University of Maine, BS Nutrition/Pre-Med minor Fine Arts
Bishop Guertin High School Nashua, NH 1977 boys Catholic private school